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Can dead people come back to life? Is it happening today?

DEADRAISER is a captivating documentary exploring modern-day resurrection stories. A true supernatural adventure, this film follows a dynamic group of spiritually empowered individuals from wide-ranging theologies and backgrounds as they team up to uncover the resurrection phenomenon surrounding the messages of Jesus Christ. See the Gospel message come to life like you’ve never heard it before

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Resurrection Accounts In The Film

Paramedic Sees A Miracle

Jesse Birkey

Nurse Raises A Patient

Tyler Johnson

Dead Girl On A Coffee Table

Jim Rogers

Drug Overdose Ends In Hell

Mark DeDio

Homeless Man On The Side Of The Road

TJ Aderholdt

Dead 45 Minutes Of A Heart Attack

Chauncey Crandall

Highway Patrolman Raises A Dead Boy

Sam Wagner

At His Own Funeral On The Other Side

Jeff Marken

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