Episode 3: WOMAN comes back from the DEAD with a message from GOD

Episode 3: Beverly Estes

To Beverly Estes, traveling to Africa never meant dying, literally.  After 4 years of traveling there to teach at a children’s Christian school, Beverly was warned by God the next time she went she would contract malaria.  After much prayer and no answers, she decided to go anyway.  After all, she wanted to give up everything for God.  Three days after she arrived, she was bitten by mosquitoes.  Two weeks later, she started to vomit uncontrollably which sent her into great disorientation.  Everything went black and she was gone.  Beverly had an afterlife experience and was given a message from God.  Brought back to life by God himself, Beverly lives again to share his message.


Join Deano and Reyna on a 10 week journey of resurrection stories that will completely blow your mind and cause your faith to soar like it never has before!