Episode 9: Dies In A Car Wreck, Spends 4 Days With Jesus, Comes BACK To Life

Episode 9: Valerie and Cheryl 

After DYING in a CAR WRECK, woman COMES BACK to tell her story of being in HEAVEN for 4 DAYS with JESUS

Cheryl Schuelke never imagined her vivid, horrible nightmare of a fatal car wreck coming true 2 months later when her sister, Valerie’s life was taken one night in an Arizona blizzard.  Hear Valerie’s story of how spending 4 days in Heaven with Jesus completely changed her life, and hear how God led Cheryl every step of the way in a process of resurrection bringing her lifeless body back to earth!


Join Deano and Reyna on a 10 week journey of resurrection stories that will completely blow your mind and challenge your faith!

Produced by Reyna Little, hosted by Deano Handt, created and distributed by DEADRAISER.