In Destination America’s all-new series PROJECT AFERLIFE, a team of investigators motivated by their own experiences with pulling victims back from the grave – including paramedic Jesse Birkey, ordained minister Rodger Frievalt, retired state trooper Sam Wagner, and investigative filmmaker Johnny Clark – launch an unprecedented quest to unlock the mysteries of resurrection with help from real people who say they have gone through it.

Project Afterlife

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Beyond Medical Science; Death Dive

Season 1, Episode 1

August 9, 2015

The Coach’s Comeback; Dead on Arrival

Season 1, Episode 2

August 16, 2015

Overdose in the Underworld; Hustler’s Redemption

Season 1, Episode 3

August 23, 2015

Shot in the Dark; Heart of Darkness

Season 1, Episode 4

August 30, 2015

Labor of Love; Supernatural Warfare

Season 1, Episode 5

September 6, 2015

A Sister’s Premonition; Cowboy Feud

Season 1, Episode 6

September 13, 2015

Meet The Investigators

Rodger Frievalt

Once a skeptic of all things supernatural, Rodger became so inspired by reports of modern-day miracles that he left behind a successful career in sales and marketing to become a full-time minister and healing evangelist. Since finding his calling, Rodger has witnessed sight being restored to the blind and a brain dead woman coming back to consciousness, strengthening his desire to heal the sick and cast out demons.

Johnny Clark

Johnny is the visionary storyteller behind the groundbreaking 2013 documentary DEADRAISER, which examines the ability of humans to raise the dead. Since the film’s release, Johnny has continued investigating resurrection cases increasingly coming to light in the U.S. with an investigative team comprised of other people who share his passion for unlocking clues about how the supernatural phenomenon works.

Sam Wagner

After completing his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps, Sam was a member of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol for more than 15 years. While on duty in July 2008, he witnessed the resurrection of an infant as the child laid dead in his arms. Then in June 2012, he watched his nephew return from the dead following a drug overdose. Sam’s life has been forever altered, and he believes that we all have the power to bring people back from the other side.

Jesse Birkey

Jesse’s job frequently puts him on the frontlines of death, but everything changed one day in 2009 when he took part in a resurrection after praying for the patient to come back to life. Jesse has since continued to mix prayer and medicine in his professional duties and wrote a book, Life Resurrected: Extraordinary Miracles Through Ordinary People.